It all started in a postgrad room at the University of Melbourne where we were writing our PhDs on International Relations. Since then life has taken us down different paths and places, but we remain inquiring minds and lovers of good, critical writing. With this blog we hope to create a writing space for us and for other inquiring women around us. We are:

Fiona MachinMinerva 1 – Fiona Machin: I am a long suffering PhD student with research interests in border conflicts, conflict transformation, peacebuilding and EU studies. For someone living in Australia, I know an obscene amount about European politics! It made sense at the time. Currently living in rural Australia after a stint in Asia, but no idea where I’ll end up next. Love summer, hate winter and basically anything below 27 degrees. Passionate about social justice, the environment and sustainable living, foreign languages and Tour de France, addicted to good coffee and Saturday brunches. Bit of a gym junkie. Good desk ergonomics is a must for me. You can follow me on Twitter @FiMachin.

Minerva 2 – Margherita Matera: I am a recent PhD graduate who is desperately clinging to the elusive dream that life will become less hectic post-PhD. I am rediscovery my passion for photography and making things with my hands. I am constantly frustrated with the lack of vision politicians have today, but live in hope that society will increasingly expect more from their leaders. I am a person of few words. I defend with a passion what I hold dear – family, friends, peace, justice and humanity. I value loyalty, honesty and integrity. Although I embrace modern technology, I proudly remain a stationery junkie – a moleskine and a fine nib fountain pen remain my constant companions.

Minerva 3 – Gloria Martinez: I am an avid traveller, keen photographer, eternal activist in search for social justice, PhD graduate with a constant need to keep learning, frustrated writer, a loyal but forgetful and easily disappointed friend, a wife and a mum. And now, a blogger. In love with Africa and Asia, and living in the latter. Addicted to new experiences and meeting people, passionate about gender justice, human rights and international law, disappointed with politics (domestic and international), curious about the world in general and its dark secrets, hopeful for better societies that can learn from the past and improve the future. If you want to know more, you can view my LinkedIn Profile or follow me on Twitter @humanitarianprf


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